3rd Grade Leaf Riped Aged Pu Erh 三级叶普洱老熟饼 (1995)

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This tea has been sitting in our collection for quite some time, kind of forgotten, amidst our search for the yanchas and newer sheng puerhs. It was only until recently when I was asked to recommend something to an elderly lady for health that I remembered this tea and pulled it out.

To my (very) pleasant surprise, it carried with it strong notes of ginseng and had a lasting sweet aftertaste. The flavor was intense and the body substantially thicker than we remembered it being. We even blind tasted it with friends who felt equally surprised when they knew of the results. I am really pleased with how this tea aged to become and would recommend fans of shou puerh to try it. I guess this is also one of the joy of collecting teas- you can never be certain of how it can age.


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