Chong Yu How Old Tree Riped Pu Erh 昌欲号老树普洱熟茶 (2015)

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The beginning of this tea was really meaningful to us. We were talking to the producer of tea, who has always been one of our trusted suppliers of good quality sheng puerhs and he mentioned that one of the goals he had for himself this year was to make a good shou puerh. We talked about how, nowadays with the rise in price and value of sheng puerhs, most of the good raw puerh materials are always used to make sheng puerhs because they can fetch a much higher price for the farmers.

Many tea drinkers also feedbacked that they preferred the sweet, refreshing taste of a sheng puerh over the earthy taste of a shou puerh. But we knew that there was a discrepancy between how a shou puerh could taste like and what was offered in the market. We knew, from drinking the older shou puerhs, that it was definitely possible to make a good cup of shou puerh that even tea connoisseurs would enjoy, and that was the gap we wanted to fill. (Moreover, I needed to start making some good ones now if I want to enjoy a good cup of old shou pu down the road!)

The leaves for this tea were picked from trees nearer to the south of Xishuangbana at a more secluded and infamous area. This was partly to bring the cost of the raw materials down and also to find the older, untouched trees which meant we had to go really deep into the forest. It is then processed using the traditional riped Pu Erh oxidation process.

We are really pleased with how this tea turned out. The quality of the leaves and the skills of the maker are reflected in the thick consistent brews as well as the sweet and long-lasting after-taste. The body of the tea is smooth, deep and soothing. A tea that warms you from the inside, we hope that it will spur a change in the shou puerh industry.

昌裕号老树熟茶普洱 :-



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