Chong Yu How Bang Wei Raw Pu Erh 昌欲号邦崴山普洱生饼 (2014)

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Bang Wei Pu Erh

Bangwei Village, Fudongxiang, Lancang County, Yunnan.

These particular trees were stumbled across deep in the forest nearby, at an elevation of 1900m. On first glance, they were big, sturdy, and looked to be pretty old. Though more importantly, on closer inspection, these tea trees were in a pristine, undisturbed environment, and were flourishing beautifully. Excited at the opportunity of a wonderful raw Pu Erh, the leaves from these trees were selectively pressed into the Chong Yu How Bang Wei Raw Pu Erh Cake.

Pu Erhs from the Bang Wei Mountains are characteristically layered, allowing you to decipher and enjoy the complexity in every brew. The tea is sweet and full-bodied, strong and often packs a punch. A refreshingly sweet aftertaste evokes strong salivation and enhances the lingering fragrance of the tea. This is a tea of a strong character and would be loved by those who enjoy bold teas.



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