Deng Shi Hai Fu Lu Yuan Cha Raw Pu Erh 邓时海福禄圆茶生饼 (2012)

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Based on Professor Deng Shi Hai’s years of research and experience with highly acclaimed Pu Erhs such as the Hao and Yin Series, the Fu Lu Yuan Series of tea is his attempt to materialize his findings and recreate the same quality of Pu Erh that once amazed him.

The Fu Lu Yuan Series is made from leaves from an old tea garden in Lincang, Fengshanzhan whose trees had leaves that were particularly strong and stout in nature. The cakes are made from an intricate blend of leaves from Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons, with the actual blend differing from year to year based on the characteristics of the leaves that particular year. Processed using the traditional style of pressing Pu Erhs, the plucked tea leaves were first sun-dried and then pressed into a cake.

A good Pu Erh cake is one that can withstand the test of time and the Fu Lu Yuan Series is no exception. In addition to starting off with a good raw material and handling, the Fu Lu Yuan Series has also shown its aging potential and quality consistency throughout the past 10 years.

The current Fu Lu Yuan teas are thick and strong-bodied; clean, yet with hints of complexities. With an obvious camphor fragrance, the tea is sweet, refreshing, and long-lasting. My favorite thing about the Fu Lu Yuan series is the consistency of the tea as it travels throughout the mouth even to the throat. It maintains the same level of fragrance and thickness of body throughout its journey which I find is one of the best quality a tea can have.



好的原料:雲南臨滄鳳慶喬木老樹。工藝:依循傳統普洱茶的製作工藝,曬菁毛料,壓制而成。拼配:按不同季節(春、夏、秋)調和茶味,去蕪存菁。 優質普洱茶是經得起時間的考驗,福祿圓茶亦然,因其具備好茶的條件,更具備了越陳越香的條件。

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