Ginger Red Tea Tea Bag 姜红茶茶袋


This health-promoting beverage is a combination of Malaysia’s famous Bentong ginger and premium quality black tea. Located in the state of Pahang, Bentong is well known for producing some of the fleshiest, spiciest and juiciest ginger root that are not fibrous. Traditionally, they are taken to dispel internal wind, ease menstrual pain and lift the mood. The black tea is produced with fine raw leaves harvested from plantations on the undulating mountains, a peaceful environment ideal for tea growing. There is a prominent fruit aroma permeating the smooth and mellow infusion. Ginger works perfectly with black tea to offer a soothing and warming mouthfeel.

Taken daily, this ginger black tea may help to improve constipation, prevent insomnia, relieve muscular rigidity and promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body, manage body weight and facilitate weight loss, and nourish deep within the skin.



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