Half-Handmade Jing Xuan Da Hong Pao 精选大红袍 (2011)

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This ‘Da Hong Pao’ is half-handmade and is actually a blended yan cha combination, formed by blending 3 different varieties of yan chas together.

The combination and ratio of the different varieties not only complement each other but also stay consistent, without any of them overshadowing or disappearing throughout the brews, resulting in an impressive blend of yan cha that could only have been accomplished with skill and experience. In fact, when many of my friends had tried it, few could pick out that it was a blend.

Its price also works well for those who want an economical daily dose of Wuyi Yan Cha.

此 ‘大红袍‘属于半手工制作而成,是以三种岩茶拼配出来的。


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