Jin Qian Liu Tea Bag 金钱柳茶袋


Jinqianliu tea is popularly known as the ‘tea for diabetics’. The trees, native to high-mountainous regions, produce leaves dubbed as ‘plant insulin’. Jinqianliu infusion has been taken since ancient times as a folk remedy for diabetes. It is said to help in restoring damaged pancreas, promoting insulin secretion and lowering blood sugar level.

Studies have shown that Jinqianliu contains essential elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium; and trace elements such as chromium, selenium and vanadium. Regular consumption of its tea infusion may offer health benefits such as lower blood sugar level, an improved take-up and utilisation rate of glucose by our body, inhibited rise of post-meal blood sugar level, and reduced serum cholesterol. This is a pure natural plant product that is non-toxic, free from side effects, and safe for long-term consumption.

金钱柳也称作 “消渴茶”,主要生长在山野里,被喻为 “植物胰岛素”。自古以来预防消渴症的方法,就是煎煮金钱柳饮用,因为它对修复受损的胰岛有一定功效,促进胰岛素分泌,还有良好的降糖作用,消渴症即现代称为糖尿病。


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