Liu Bao Tea Bag 六堡茶袋


Originating from the Guangxi Province, Liubao tea is made in accordance with a detailed and strict process during which it undergoes fermentation, in preparation for further ageing after it is sold. The tea is characterised by a wonderfully mellow flavour that can only come extended ageing. Warming in nature, it gives a rich red infusion that is full-bodied in the mouth and silky on the tongue with a hint of areca fragrance and a long-lasting finish. Liubao makes a refreshing and cooling thirst-quencher on a hot, humid day.

Liubao is believed to help in dissipating internal dampness and reducing body heat, easing constipation and relieving diarrhea, aiding digestion after a heavy meal, and facilitating gastrointestinal detoxification when taken on an empty stomach



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