Feng Huang Song Zhong 凤凰宋种 (2015) 100g


‘Song Zhong’ is a Dancong oolong tea <note: dancong here does not mean single bush. It is a general term for Chaozhou oolong teas that are very fragrant> that originates from Chao Zhou, Feng Huang Mountains. It was said that Emperor Zhao Bing, the last emperor of the Song Dynasty, had passed by the Feng Huang Mountains in one of his journeys. Seeing that he was extremely parched, his attendants boiled a few nearby leaves with water and offered it to the emperor. The Emperor’s thirst was immediately quenched and he declared it a miracle drink. The current Song Zhong trees are one of the oldest trees in the Feng Huang region and are said to have been selective bred and taken care by the villages nearby.

This exquisite tea quenches thirst ideally and effectively. Vibrant orange in colour, this tea has a mellow honey scent along with a long lasting flowery aftertaste.

“宋种”是潮州凤凰单丛茶的一种. 凤凰宋种原产于广东省潮安县凤凰山区。传说南宋末年,宋帝赵昺南下潮汕,路经凤凰山区乌际山,日甚渴,侍从们采下一种叶尖似鸟嘴的树叶加以烹制,饮之止咳生津,立奏奇效。“宋种”是广东潮州,凤凰茶区现存最古老的一株茶树. 据说是南宋末年由村民几经选育后传至今天,树龄达600多年。

此茶品质特优,蜜香高锐持久,有花香;滋味浓厚爽口,“蜜韵”突出,饮后满口生香. 有明显的高山老丛“山韵”。

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