Qing Dynasty Dou Qing Cup


Qing Dynasty Dou Qing Cup

Diameter: 4.7cm ~ 5.5cm
Height: 3.3cm ~ 3.8cm
Capacity: 28ml ~ 36ml

Qing Dynasty cups, in my view, are one of the most affordable, for-value cups around. The prices of Qing dynasty cups have not yet sky-rocketed as many collectors are still focused on the Ming Dynasty cups. At the same time, just like anyone who might have compared the differences in drinking tea using aged cups, Qing Dynasty Cups are old enough to provide an obvious added smoothness and softness to the teas we drink!

As these cups are all handmade in the olden days, the size and even sometimes the design might vary by quite a lot. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any specific specifications or would like to know the size of the cup you are getting first.

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