Shui Xian Tea Bag 水仙茶袋


Shuixian is a variety of Wuyi Yancha (Crag Tea). The strain of the tea tree whose leaves are used to produce Shuixian grows along the crag covered by primitive and vibrant vegetation on the Wuyi Mountain. Diffused sunlight and the right relative humidity fuel its growth. The roots, trunks and boughs are often seen mossed with age, which is also a sign of lushness. Shuixian yields a delicate infusion that is fresh, crisp and smooth. On the nose, it resembles the unique aroma imparted by the leaves wrapping rice dumpling, the smell of bamboo, and a certain creamy vegetal scent. It also delights with its velvety mouthfeel and smooth sweetness.

Taken regularly, Shuixian may benefit our health by preventing tooth decay, boosting mental alertness, combating lethargy and enhancing work efficiency.



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