Special Grade Long Jing 特级龙井 (2016) 100g


This tea is made from tea plants from the Shi Feng Peak in the Xi Hu, Zhe Jiang Region. Characteristic of the Xi Hu area, the leaves are plump and tender before picking, and skilfully made flat and glossy with roughly consistent lengths. It is made with leaves picked before the Qing Ming period, with a ratio of 1 bud to 1 leaf, the bud being bigger than the leaf.

The texture of the leaves is smooth and the tea feels weighted on the hands. The tea liquid is light yellowish-green in colour while the tea is soft and refreshing with a tender chestnut fragrance. A classic long jing tea from the Shi Feng region, the tea is especially fragrant and long-lasting.



西湖龙井叶质肥嫩, 狮峰香气高锐而持久,色泽嫩黄;梅坞龙井色泽翠绿,味鲜爽口。

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