Zheng Yan Handmade Bai Ji Guan 正岩手工白鸡冠

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Bai Ji Guan’ is one of the four most famous Wu Yi bushes which also includes ‘Tie Luo Han’ ,’Shui Jin Gui’ and ‘Da Hong Pao’. These four are often called the ‘The Big Four’ in the Cliff Tea industry.

Its name was given by a monk in memorial of a courageous hen that sacrificed her life in order to protect her chicks from an attack by an eagle. Touched by the display of courage and love, the monk buried the hen and from that spot, the Bai Ji Guan plant grew.

This tea is smooth in the mouth and has a medium to thick body. It carries a tinge of light floral/fruit taste that resembles a lychee taste and the aftertaste is sweet and lingering




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