Zheng Yan Handmade Bei Dou Yi Hao 正岩手工北斗一号

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This ‘Bei Dou Yi Hao’ is the pinnacle of our tea processing master’s work and is very limited in quantity. It is harvested from the first generation of bushes grown from cuttings which are taken from the original ‘Da Hong Pao’ trees and grown in the Bei Dou Peak in the Wuyi Scenic Reserve, hence the name ‘Bei Dou Yi Hao’ (Bei Dou No. 1). 20 years was spent trying to perfect the art of processing this tea and this is as close as we can get to the true ‘Da Hong Pao’.

The leaves have a rich aroma of dark chocolate, but the most prominent feature of this tea is perhaps its strong Cha Qi and long lasting aftertaste. Upon the first sip of the tea, the Cha Qi had already begun moving gently but quickly up my forehead, down my back and to my hands. The flavor was strong and explosive in the mouth, yet at the same time consistent and stable all the way till the throat and even throughout the aftertaste, which I feel is a rare find for yanchas nowadays. The aftertaste was also exceptionally long compared to the other yanchas, with a taste that often resembles the taste of tangerine, apricot or osmanthus, depending on individual taste buds as well as brewing methods. Really impressed by this tea and is definitely a must try for yan cha fanatics.

During the first two years, the tea undergoes various changes such as getting rid of the final bit of water left inside and slowly stabilizes. Hence, we would strongly recommend that you allow this tea to age for 2 years first before trying it to have a better experience (:


北斗一号的茶叶带有浓郁的黑巧克力方向,茶汤的味道也纯正鲜爽。此茶最明显的特征是它强烈易辨的茶气与浓厚持久的韵味。品茶时,浓郁醇厚的茶香能长时间留在最终, 直到喉咙并且韵味都稳厚一贯,是岩茶中的极品。它韵味细而明显,带有些许的柑橘,杏或桂花的香甜。


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