Zheng Yan Handmade Tie Luo Han 正岩手工铁罗汉

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Tie Luo Han is one of the four most famous Wu Yi bushes, which also includes ‘Bai Ji Guan’ ,’Shui Jin Gui’ and ‘Da Hong Pao’ and was also once reserved for the imperial families in the Tang Dynasty.

It gained its name through its bushes’ resemblance to an Arahan, hence the name ‘Tie Luo Han’ which means ‘Iron Warrior Monk’.

This tea is exceptionally pure and smooth and has a medium to strong taste. When young, ‘Tie Luo Han’ has a slightly dry taste, similar to that of char-coaled bamboo. However, as the tea ages, the roast mellows out, leaving the tea with a rich plum. As this Tie Luo Han comes from trees that are over a hundred years old, it has particularly many layers to its taste and drinkers can experience the complexity and changes to it over the brews. Often, the first few brews will give a slightly woody taste while the later brews (after about the 5th time) will slowly show floral notes.



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