Tea Bags 茶袋

Recognizing that there might be a practical limitation to having a good cup of tea every day for some people, we wanted to provide some good quality tea bags for those people who were looking for a fuss-free fix to their tea cravings. After all, everyone deserves a chance to have a good cup of tea!
We get our tea bags from one of our trusted supplier of teas, Cha Zhi Ji who is equally committed to promoting quality and organic teas. Using only whole leaves in nylon-meshed pyramid-shaped sachets, these tea bags retain the full flavour and aroma of the tea leaves. Most importantly, the ingredients used are all painstakingly sourced and as good a quality as the ones sold individually on store shelves.
We really enjoy these tea bags ourselves and if you aren’t sure that tea is your thing yet, or if you just want a fuss-free way to cure that tea craving, these are definitely for you!

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